ATS - Applicant Tracking System: What is it?

ATS - Applicant Tracking System: What is it?

ATS - Applicant Tracking System: what is it? Everything you need to know about Application Tracking Systems from TalentSight.


In recruitment, technology plays an increasingly important role in optimizing selection processes. One of the key systems that is completely changing the way companies recruit, manage and hire candidates is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). In this article, we will take a detailed look at what an ATS is and why this system is an indispensable part of modern IT recruitment strategies.

What is ATS?

A Job Application Tracking System (ATS) is software that facilitates the process of recruiting and selecting IT job candidates. ATS automates applicant profile collection, sorting, and analysis, helping HR departments, HRs, hiring managers, and recruiters manage applications more efficiently. Using this technology, companies can filter IT candidates according to certain criteria, such as education, experience and skills, to find the most suitable technology talent for their vacancies.

Why do companies use ATS?

When a job opening opens, especially for an IT professional, the number of applications for it can reach hundreds or even thousands. Job application tracking systems help companies manage this large amount of information by automating the process of reviewing and evaluating applicants. This not only saves time and resources, but also ensures that the process of recruiting programmers is objective and fair. An interesting fact is that over 90% of Fortune 500 companies currently use an Applicant Tracking System to attract and assign the best employees for them.

TalentSight - a tool to help HR experts and complement ATS systems 

One of the newest and most innovative sourcing platforms on the market is TalentSight . This IT sourcing platform is designed to offer technology talent selection and hiring solutions as per the requirements of HR professionals and recruiters from small, medium and large IT companies. It is directly related to ATS systems because once recruiting and staffing experts find suitable IT candidates through TalentSight, they transfer those technology candidates to a specific ATS system. Therefore, to make your process of selecting and hiring programmers as easy as possible and to make the most of the functionalities and integrations of the sourcing platform, it is best to use TalentSight in combination with an ATS system.

TalentSight uses integrations with artificial intelligence, social networks and IT platforms that allow you to analyze profiles of multiple IT professionals on LinkedIn and X as well as projects of technology professionals on GitHub , StackOverflow and more. The tool summarizes the technical expertise of programmers in the field in an easy and understandable way. This way you save time and always know the main skills and technical experience of the candidates you contact. By using TalentSight's developer sourcing platform, in addition to being able to search for suitable developers based on set parameters, you can create folders of candidates you like and contact them at a later stage. Separately, the tool keeps track of your search history, so if you've forgotten the name of an IT candidate you viewed and liked, you can always easily find them again. All of these functionalities help HR and recruiters in the next steps of the hiring process when these experts start working with ATS systems. Every next step in using an ATS recruiting system becomes easier, faster, and more integrated because of TalentSight! 

An additional feature of TalentSight is the mass emailing and messaging feature on LinkedIn. In addition to easier analysis, this additional feature also serves to connect you with potential IT professionals to work for your company more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Start using TalentSight as your new sourcing platform in your IT staffing and recruiting strategy in addition to an ATS system and trust your new HR assistant! Whether you're an experienced IT recruiter or a newbie just building your IT industry contacts, this platform is designed to help you reach and connect with qualified top tech talent in the most efficient way possible. the efficient and effective way to make the next steps in the ATS hiring process easier for you. Request a demo and sign up to get exclusive access to TalentSight today!

How does ATS work?

The process of working with an ATS usually involves 4 key steps:

  1. A request for an open job position is published in ATS. This application contains information about the position such as the job title, desired skills and experience required for a candidate, all of which are determined by the recruitment and hiring professionals in advance.

  2. The ATS then uses this information to create a profile of the perfect candidate for the job.

  3. As people applying for the position submit their resumes, the job application tracking system analyzes, sorts, and ranks them based on how well they fit the profile of the perfect candidate.

  4. HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers ultimately quickly identify the most qualified candidates and move them on to the next steps of the hiring process—interviewing, making a hiring decision, and hiring.

Benefits of using an ATS

Using an Application Tracking System brings many benefits to both companies and applicants. Let's look at some of the main benefits:

  1. Efficiency and speed: ATS significantly reduces the time to fill job vacancies by automating the processes of sorting and filtering applications. This allows HR departments and hiring managers to quickly identify and communicate with suitable candidates.

  2. Improve quality of hire: Application tracking systems allow companies to focus on the most qualified candidates who meet the specific requirements of the job position. This leads to higher quality of new hires and longer retention.

  3. Accuracy and objectivity: ATS minimizes human error and bias in the evaluation of applications, as the process of selecting the perfect candidate is based on predefined parameters, criteria and algorithms.

  4. Improved application process for potential employees: Modern application tracking systems offer a simpler and more convenient application process, thus leaving a good impression of the employer on the candidates. Through ATS, all application can be done easily from various devices and people can easily track the status of their applications.

  5. Recruiting Data and Analytics: ATS provides valuable data and analytics tools that help companies evaluate the effectiveness of their recruiting strategies and make informed decisions about improvements.

How to adapt to ATS systems as an IT candidate?

To increase your chances of success when applying for a job through ATS, it's important to optimize your resume and cover letter with keywords and phrases that match the job description you're applying for. Using clear and easily recognizable section headings, using a chronological resume format with your previous positions and skills, using traditional resume fonts like Helvetica, Garamond, or Georgia, and avoiding headers and footers are ways to greatly improve your chances of successfully passing through the application tracking system.

The future of ATS in IT applications

The technology behind IT application tracking systems is constantly evolving, increasingly integrating with AI and machine learning for even greater accuracy and efficiency in selecting technology talent. In the future, we can expect ATS systems to offer even more personalized software recruiting capabilities, such as automatically recommending IT candidates based on previous successful hires and analyzing behavioral data to predict potential hires' success in specific work environments .

Integration with social networks and professional IT platforms will continue to play an important role in the future of ATS, facilitating access to a wide network of active and passive IT candidates. This will allow HR and recruiters to not only advertise jobs to a wider audience of developers, but also build strong employer brands that attract IT talent.

Digitization of the developer recruitment process will continue to evolve, with a focus on improving the user experience of IT candidates by offering intuitive interfaces, automated form filling and arranging interviews with HR experts "on autopilot". This will not only speed up the process of recruiting and hiring IT employees, but also increase job applicant satisfaction.

Diversification and inclusion will also be enhanced through the enhancement of the ATS. Systems will become increasingly capable of analyzing and removing biases during the IT recruitment process, thereby encouraging greater inclusion of diverse developer candidates and helping to create more inclusive work environments.


Application Tracking Systems (ATS) play a critical role in modern recruiting and staffing strategies, offering significant benefits to companies and candidates. They not only optimize and speed up the recruitment process, but also aid objectivity and reduce bias in the selection of employees. Using an ATS system with AI integration like TalentSight ensures that HR experts and recruiters will discover and attract the best and most suitable IT candidates for their companies, resulting in higher quality of hire and greater success for companies.