What do top talents value most in future employers

What do top talents value most in future employers


Attracting top talent is becoming a challenging issue due to the growing competition in the labor market, constantly evolving work dynamics and the employees’ expectations. It is important to both employers and their speakers – the recruiters, to understand these processes. By harmonizing talent acquisition strategies with employees’ preferences, organizations can boost their appeal to top-tier talent and successfully recruit the most suitable candidates for their teams. Here the key role is given to the recruiter, who can represent the company and the potential candidate to the employer.

But what exactly top talents value most in future employers? Here are the latest top factors, significant for candidates that can help you to boost your talent acquisition strategy:

1. Competitive Salary

When it comes to recruiting a new talent in the company, key factor remains the competitive salary. According to Gallup’s survey, 64 % of the employees consider it as important while evaluating job opportunities. To attract top talents employers should offer equal of higher compensations to the candidates considering the competition.

2. Employee Benefits

As a natural continuation of the competitive compensation – salary, come the employee benefits. Nearly 67 % of the candidates find it important, according to Glassdoor survey.

Comprehensive benefits packages include health insurance, retirement plans, sport cards, bonuses for additional work and etc.

3. Career Growth Opportunities

Major condition accepting a job offer for top talents is the opportunity for carrier growth. That give the employee also stage for personal development and motivation to invest skills and time, that will work for the company’s development. According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report 94% of employees would stay longer in the company if they have the opportunity for professional development and advancement in the company.

4. Work Environment

Positive work environment is essential for attracting top talents. Candidates seek workplaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and a supportive atmosphere. To attract talents companies should provide healthy, inclusive, and engaging work environment, because this is a key factor in the decision-making process for potential candidates. Also it is important during the candidate’s interview to have a positive attitude and present the company in the best way.

5. Work-Life Balance

After the COVID-19 pandemic people changed their perception for work. More important become the flexibility in working hours, remote work, and those work arrangements, which support a healthy work-life balance. That’s why companies, which can offer these opportunities will be more likely to attract top talents.

6. Job Security and Stability

Job stability and security are major factors for top talents, because the provide the financial security of an individual and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. When talents feel secure, they are more likely to invest in developing their skills, contributing to a positive work environment, and achieving career progression. Job security allows individuals to plan for the long term, make important life decisions, and focus on delivering high-quality work, benefiting both employees and employers alike.

7. Company Mission and Values

Important for candidates is the company mission and values. To attract top talent, it is key that he recognizes the mission and values to feel part of the work environment of the company. A robust organizational culture nurtures employee engagement, satisfaction in their roles, and the retention of valuable talent.

When a candidate recognizes themselves in the mission of the company they will work and contribute to its development.

8. Company Reputation

Firms with strong positive reputations attract better people, according to Harvard Business review. Important is also the brand recognition of the company. Receiving a job offer or searching for a new work opportunity, top talents research the firms online, their benefit system, read reviews from previous employees, the rating etc.

9. Diversity and Inclusion

Top talents consider as important the diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This gives the opportunity to everyone to feel part from the whole. Тhis brings satisfaction to employees and motivates them to put more effort into their work. Of course, this is a plus for the employer for the development of the company

10. Communication and Transparency

Essential for the recruitment process is the transparent communication. Top talents expect from recruiters to reveal them the employers’ expectations, the task of the role, benefit systems and most importantly feedback. Feedback to candidates will work for the good reputation of your company due to the positive interview experience of the candidate.

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