The Best IT Recruiting and Recruiting Tools and Plugins

The Best IT Recruiting and Recruiting Tools and Plugins

Find out what the best tools and plugins are for finding, recruiting and hiring developers and why it's important to use them in your recruitment process.


In 2023, the IT industry was in dire shortage of programmers. The demand for developers is outstripping their supply in the market, and according to IMF studies, by 2030, 85 million additional IT professionals will need to be hired to handle all the tasks in an increasingly digitized world without a problem. Due to differences in the demand and supply of positions for programmers, the salaries of these specialists are constantly rising. This creates additional tension between recruiters and HR professionals (like you) who are trying to hire top tech talent.

A solution to these problems for IT staffing experts is to use the best tools and plugins on the market to search and select developers. In this article, we'll bring you the best HR recruiter tools and plugins in 2024 that will help you find and hire the tech talent you need. First though, let's give more reasons why you should use these tools and plugins.

Why do you need IT recruiting tools?

There are many benefits to using IT recruiting tools. One of these benefits is that they allow you to find specific groups of professionals. Also, they give quick information about the particular company or job and all the requirements. In fact, these tools allow IT recruiters to more easily connect with qualified technology individuals, which in turn helps in their hiring success.

Let us present to you several reasons why IT staff search and selection tools should become an indispensable part of your recruitment process:

1. Recruiting tools make finding the right tech talent easier

By using these tools, you can search for developers based on their skills instead of wading through long resumes and interviews.

2. Recruiting tools increase your precision

With these tools, in addition to finding IT candidates with skills that match the job posting you've posted, you can also narrow down your search criteria for programmers and make them as specific as possible.

3. Hiring tools reduce the mistakes you make

IT sourcing and recruiting tools dramatically reduce your chance for error when evaluating candidates and making decisions based on their information.

4. Recruitment tools provide security and consistency

When you use them, you create a standard and secure process for assessing the skills and qualities of IT candidates. This further reduced your chance for errors. 

5. These tools save you time and money

With them, you can save yourself more than half of the recruitment process, because they allow you not to review each resume in detail and not to interview each IT candidate individually.

6. Recruiting tools give you access to a wider pool of tech talent

To hire the best IT professionals, you need to widen your net of candidate options as much as possible. 

7. Recruitment tools promote collaboration

When you use an IT sourcing software program, you will be able to connect more easily with HR colleagues and other recruiters from different departments.

8. Hiring tools can help you make data-driven decisions

They provide data such as the number of successful hires of the IT candidate, his feedback on the companies he has worked in, etc.

9. Recruitment tools prevent duplication

You can avoid doing the same action because these platforms keep your previous activity in them.

10. Recruiting tools allow you to do several things at the same time

When you use these softwares for your recruitment process, you can easily screen multiple IT candidates at the same time. Also, sharing information with developers or with other HR colleagues or recruiters becomes very easy.

Best IT Recruiting Tools in 2024:

1. TalentSight

TalentSight is a tool that makes finding programmers for hire easier than ever!With this platform you can reach the IT professionals you want even if they are beyond a 3rd connection on LinkedIn!

If you are looking for a programmer with a very specific technological profile, but cannot find it, be sure that TalentSight, thanks to AI, makes a complete analysis of the projects and profiles of IT professionals on LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Medium, X and other platforms. The tool summarizes their technical expertise in the sector, thus saving you time and effort from the recruitment process. With TalentSight, the challenge of IT recruitment becomes an opportunity, allowing HR professionals and recruiters like you to find the right programmers at the right time, much faster than traditional methods.

Another TalentSight feature is the bulk email and LinkedIn messaging feature. This dramatically speeds up the hiring process of searching and selecting programmers.

Integrate TalentSight into your recruitment strategy for technology experts and let your new HR assistant do the magic for you! No matter if you are an experienced recruiter or an HR startup, TalentSight is designed to help you in the process of searching for IT staff and selecting those who meet your conditions! Request a demo and sign up now to get VIP access to TalentSight and hire a developer ASAP!

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social platform for professionals. However, LinkedIn may not be the best place for developers due to overcrowding and other reasons.

LinkedIn offers several IT recruiting features such as LinkedIn Recruiter, which allows recruiters to find and connect with developers based on their skills, experience and location. LinkedIn Jobs, on the other hand, allows HR professionals to post vacancies in their companies and thus attract qualified technology candidates. LinkedIn also offers Career Pages, which allow businesses to create pages on the platform to showcase their brand, culture, values, and career and development opportunities. According to LinkedIn research, job candidates are 1.8 times more likely to apply for a job if they are already familiar with the company.

Despite these advantages of LinkedIn, as mentioned above, the platform has its disadvantages for developers and for recruiters who hire technology people:

  • LinkedIn is oversaturated with developers because it is the most popular professional social network on the market

  • LinkedIn is not a platform focused on programmers because it is made for all kinds of professions

  • LinkedIn collects a lot of information about IT professionals and maintaining a private profile is not very easy

3. Seek Out

SeekOut is software for finding and segmenting specific IT candidates for hire. Similar to TalentSight, this tool also allows you to find job candidates who are not actively looking for a job - passive candidates from various places like GitHub or LinkedIn. SeekOut allows recruiters to connect with developers with ready-made email templates and campaigns, enforces verification of everyone's contact details in the software, and allows HR professionals to filter candidates by a variety of criteria. An additional function of the tool is to analyze the IT market and provide information on industry salaries, trends in the hiring of programmers and more. There are also studies that show how recruiting programmers is still a big challenge for companies.

4. improves your workflow, projects and team management. It is a tool like ClickUp and Trello. IT Recruiters and Recruiters can use this tool to track candidates through each step of the recruitment process.

However, is not a specialized HR tool, but it is a software that will surely save you a lot of time in the overall process of hiring developers. Functions that are related to the overall recruitment process are to-do lists, calendars and message boards. Here again, time plays a major role, and this software can certainly save you time so you can focus more on finding the best tech talent for your company.

5. Togglhire

Togglhire is a tool that indirectly says that there is nothing more important than the skills of job applicants, because resumes can contain information that misleads HR professionals and recruiters and is not correct. Because of this, their goal is to offer recruiting and hiring professionals a platform that is based on candidate skills and allows HR professionals to create and conduct skills tests.

Companies can create their own custom tests for all skills and roles or choose from over 150 ready-made test templates on the platform. In this way, Togglhire helps filter out unqualified candidates and shortlists the best ones based on test scores.

Why Do You Need IT Recruiting Plugins?

The IT Recruiting plugins available on Chrome are a great way for recruiting and staffing professionals to streamline their recruiting processes, get more done in less time, and reduce stress. The main purpose of these Chrome extensions is to improve your productivity and the differences between them and the tools we've talked about is that the plugins attach to your Chrome browser and the tools are used through a 3rd party site, and that the tools generally offer more functionality because they are not limited by Chrome.

These are also the best Chrome extensions for IT recruitment in 2024:

  • Rocket Reach

  • Lush

  • Dux-Soup

  • Scribe

  • Buffer

  • FindThatLead

  • Breezy HR for chrome

  • Full Contact

  • Interseller

  • Here's Norbert

  • AmazingHiring extension

  • Contact Out