11 techniques for hiring lots of IT professionals in a short time

11 techniques for hiring lots of IT professionals in a short time

Find out the 11 best techniques for hiring a large number of IT professionals in a short amount of time. Techniques for hiring lots of IT professionals fast from TalentSight.


Nowadays, the demand for skilled IT professionals is extremely high in the rapidly developing technological world. With each passing year, more and more opportunities are emerging in the IT industry, and HR and recruiters are opening more and more jobs for programmers. When we talk only about the countries of Eastern Europe, there are over 63,000 developers  in Bulgaria , and in Poland - over 401,000 developers . For this reason, companies are always competing to find and hire the best technology talent in order to have the greatest competitive advantage. However, the challenge becomes even more difficult when HR and recruiters are tasked with hiring a large number of IT professionals in a short amount of time. In this article, we will list 11 proven techniques that are based on the best IT recruitment strategies. These techniques will not only speed up the IT recruitment process, but also ensure that the quality of the staff is not compromised.

11 Techniques to Improve Recruiting Strategies for Many IT Professionals in a Short Time

1. Preparation of a strategic plan for recruiting IT specialists

Start by developing a specific IT hiring strategy by setting clear goals such as the number of IT employees you want to hire, the timeframe for hiring, and the hiring budget. Also consider using an IT staffing tool that can speed up the entire process.  This strategy must adapt to the ever-changing IT market and take into account both your immediate and long-term technology needs for your company, which are of utmost importance. A well-thought-out IT staffing plan for HR and recruiters  will ensure that you're not just filling vacancies in a hurry, but aligning new technology hires with your company's growth and technology direction.

2. Active search on social networks and IT platforms with TalentSight

Social networks and IT platforms are some of the most effective IT recruiting tools, especially when you want to hire a large number of programmers quickly. With over 3 billion active social network users worldwide, platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are critical to reaching a huge pool of potential tech candidates. On the other hand, IT platforms like GitHub and StackOverflow are used by the best tech talent in the world. You can take advantage of both social and IT platforms to share job postings, your company culture, and engage  with potential tech hires.

To fully leverage social networks and IT platforms to hire as many IT professionals as possible in the shortest amount of time, you can start using Talent Sight's integration with LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Medium, X, and more. through AI. TalentSight's AI integration allows you to fully analyze IT projects and IT profiles across social networks and IT platforms. The tool summarizes the technical expertise of developers in the field in an easy-to-understand manner.

Also, the more IT candidates you reach, the more results you will have in short-term developer hiring. Although it takes a lot of time, using TalentSight you save time connecting with developers and always know what their core skills and technical expertise are. TalentSight turns the challenge of hiring many technical candidates in a short amount of time into an opportunity, allowing recruiters and HR professionals like you to find IT professionals with the skills that are needed much faster than traditional methods.

An additional feature of TalentSight is the bulk emailing and messaging feature on LinkedIn, which greatly speeds up the developer hiring process.  In addition to speed, this additional feature also serves to connect you with potential IT professionals more efficiently and accurately.

Start using TalentSight in your IT staffing strategy and trust your new HR assistant! Whether you're an experienced IT recruiter or a beginner just building your IT industry contacts, this platform is designed to help you hire as many qualified top tech talent as possible in the shortest period of time from time! Request a demo  and sign up to get exclusive access to TalentSight today!

3. Diversity, equality and inclusion

An inclusive workplace drives innovation, productivity and strengthens company culture. Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into the IT recruitment process can broaden the tech talent pool and attract diverse candidates. Companies with diverse teams demonstrate higher capital and increased innovation.

Studies such as the McKinsey report  claim that "gender-diverse companies are 25% more likely to perform better than gender-diverse companies."

Emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in a company's IT job postings, combined with the use of recruiting practices, goes a long way toward attracting and hiring a lot of top-level IT talent in a short period of time. Additionally, creating a supportive and inclusive work environment will promote long-term retention of IT professionals.

4. Incorporating data and analytics into the IT staffing process

Recruiting process analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of your IT recruiting strategies and make data-driven decisions. Analyzing metrics such as time to hire, cost to hire and source of hire helps identify what is working and where improvements or changes can be made. Regular refinement based on analytics will help you streamline your developer hiring process.

5. Attracting specialized companies to recruit IT personnel

Companies specializing in the recruitment of IT professionals have a sophisticated recruitment process and are equipped with knowledge of the technology industry. They often have a ready pool of pre-screened and vetted IT candidates, saving you time and effort in the initial stages of recruitment. They will guide you through the highly competitive technology job market, ensuring that the IT professionals you hire fit your company culture and have the right skills.

6. Invest in recruiting people training

Continuous training and development of IT staff is important to attract new top technology talent. Investing in the training of recruiters who are hired ensures that they stay up to date with the latest innovations in the field and develop their skills. This will not only increase the productivity of your IT department, but also engage and retain new employees in the company.

7. Optimizing screening and IT interview processes

Effective IT screening and interview processes are key to quickly identifying and moving many of the best IT candidates through the next steps of the hiring process. Using tools like AI screening software like TalentSight helps to quickly and accurately sort candidates. By "refining" and reducing the number of IT interviews and optimizing efficiency, you retain candidate engagement and speed up  the developer hiring process.

8. Building a strong employer brand

An employer brand is like your company's reputation - a strong employer brand reduces the need for additional recruiting efforts by attracting IT professionals to your organization like a magnet. You need to have a consistent brand image across channels such as social media, your company website and employee testimonials. Use this brand image to showcase your culture, impactful IT projects, and the difference your team makes in technology.

9. Additional use of social networks and recommendations of IT employees

Use your existing social networks and initiate  an employee referral program. IT candidate referrals speed up the hiring process because the candidates you attract are "vetted" to some extent through their relationship with your employees. This method often results in the rapid hiring of technology talent that is of high quality and fits well with your company's culture.

10. Investing in IT career development and training opportunities

IT professionals seek career development and training opportunities. Emphasizing professional development programs, clear career paths, and additional opportunities for innovation and training in job descriptions can attract ambitious IT talent.


Hiring a large number of IT professionals in a short period of time requires a well-thought-out approach. Remember, the key to successful IT recruitment is to stay on top of current industry trends and continually improve your database hiring process. With a planned strategy, the right tools like TalentSight with AI integration with social networks and IT platforms, and the 11 techniques mentioned in the article, you'll be on your way to building a  strong team of top tech talent in no time.