Top 5 Recruitment Podcasts you need to listen to

Top 5 Recruitment Podcasts you need to listen to


Working with people requires thinking one step ahead to be prepared professionally. As a recruiter or HR expert, you must always stay up to date with the latest trends in the recruiting field, technologies, and innovations. However, the process of learning requires time, which is often challenging to find in our fast-paced daily lives. The easiest way is by listening to podcasts. You can listen to them on your way to work, while walking the dog, during a workout, or while doing some household chores.

Explore these five top recruitment podcasts available right now:

1. Non-Human Resources by Petar Dzhuganski (“НеЧовешки ресурси” с Петър Джугански)

This podcast is designed for HR professionals, employer branding specialists, recruiters, managers, and anyone with a keen interest in human resource management. It features guests who work in HR, managers, and successful people from different fields.

The host Peter Dzhuganski is one of the most recognizable faces in the field of human resources. He is the author of dozens of articles on business and HR topics, podcast host and organizer of conferences. During his career he has worked for a variety of technology companies such as Melexis, Urbanise, Accedia, Paysafe,, Opentag, and currently at Sofia Stars as a Recruitment Manager. Note: This podcast is conducted exclusively in Bulgarian.

2. Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

This podcast is a particularly valuable listen if you're seeking useful information on the latest trends in recruitment and the swift digital changes happening in the industry. It focuses on conversations about innovation, digital transformation, and the latest technology employed in recruitment and recruitment marketing.

Matt Alder aims to explore the future of recruitment for professionals in the field. Each week, a new guest is interviewed to share their insights. This can help you reconsider your recruiting approach and ensure you stay at the forefront of your profession.

3. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast by Hung Lee

Similar to the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter, Hung Lee offers easy-to-understand and interesting content about the recruitment industry. The podcast covers important news, industry trends, and tech updates that you should know about.

Every week, there are guests who talk about various topics like AI, diversity, inclusion, and workplace culture. This podcast is a great way to learn important things and get useful insights.

4. “HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast” by Chad and Cheese

Branded as “HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast”  The Chad & Cheese Podcast brings about 40 years of industry knowledge and adds a unique perspective to recruitment. Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash discuss various topics and current news about recruitment, HR, and employment. They give an unfiltered and often funny perspective on the industry.

Keep in mind, this podcast might not be suitable for listening at work, and it's not recommended if you're sensitive to explicit language and certain topics. Despite that, it provides honest insights and updates on what's happening in the world of recruitment and is sure to make you laugh at least once.

5. Recruiter Start up by Dualta Doherty

Hosted by Dualta Doherty - recruitment business owner, this podcast takes you on a journey through insightful conversations with leading minds in agency recruitment across the globe. It allows you to discover the secrets to building, scaling, and running a top-tier recruitment company as the guests share their expertise, best practices, and strategies.

It's a great opportunity to glean insights from the experts and apply that knowledge to enhance your work.

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